American Mail-Order Brides Series 

45 of your favorite Western historical authors have written 50 connected books, each set in a different state. They will release one a day, beginning November 19, 2015.  Click here to read the free prequel that sets the stage and introduces you to the series.  The books are in order below. For more information and to go to where the book is sold on Amazon, just click the photo. 

Samuel Cooke comes from a long line of heroes. His uncle saved his aunt from a band of outlaws, his father saved his mother from a burning building, and on it went. Who does he save? One Lottie Mitchell, his mail-order bride, whom he finds needs to be saved from herself more than anyone else.
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When Willow decides to change her life by becoming a mail-order bride to ex-Amish, Amos Stoltfus, hope may carry her forward, but guilt over her part in the fire that destroyed the factory where she works holds her back. But Amos has a past of his own that stands in the way of family, happiness and the community around him.
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Hope answered an advertisement for a mail-order bride and traveled to Newark, New Jersey, expecting a simple life in a quiet community. Instead, she is thrown into the middle of a dark mystery, with only the chance of falling in love as her saving grace.
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What in Heaven's name forced Atlanta's Dr. Nicholas Avinger to advertise for a bride in a post-war South full of widows and spinsters? Mollie Winters, yearning for romance and adventure, discovers battle-scarred, irascible Nick is as fierce as the lions and cougars he cares for and every bit as dangerous. 
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Joshua was a happy bachelor until his scheming sister lands him with a Mail Order Bride. Desperate to Escape Boston, Edwina accepts the marriage proposal she believes has come from him. Can a deceived bride, and a reluctant groom, find happiness together?

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Feisty Beth Mitchell is used to being in charge and taking care of people, especially her beloved mother, so when circumstances dictate that she needs to become a mail-order bride, it's with the understanding that her mother will join her. Business owner, George Montgomery, has no idea what he is in for.
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Escaping an arranged marriage to a cruel man, Adelaide Baker flees west to marry a total stranger as a mail order bride. Only the man at the final stop didn’t place the advertisement in the Grooms Gazette, and now she faces ruin if he doesn’t marry her.
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Jessie Wilcox is tired of being under her father's control, but after her plan of joining her friend to work at a factory falls through, she decides to do the unthinkable: become a mail order bride. All she needs now is to find someone who will drive her 100 miles to the train depot in Charleston…
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Thomas Buchanan feels deceived when the homely mail order bride he asked for is a beauty--a fact she patently denies. Rachel West is reluctant to marry in the first place so a reprieve is good news. Can they work their way back from a bad beginning to find they belong together after all?
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Can two strangers overcome their pasts and come together to find love? Or will the past destroy their future and tear them apart?
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Sheriff Fletcher Adams has no intention of taking a wife, but when mail-order bride Julia Benson is stranded at the train station after her intended husband rejects her, it starts to seem like a good idea. Too bad she doesn't agree.
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On the run from her past, Dacey Butler has nothing to lose when she agrees to travel to North Carolina to marry a stranger. Unaware his conniving mother arranged for a mail-order bride, Braxton Douglas has no idea what to do with the intriguing woman who arrives on his doorstep ready to wed.
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Alice Endicott travels to Rhode Island to meet her betrothed, but a mix-up leaves her married to his brother. James Martel seeks retribution against the man who ruined his father and his new bride holds the key. Can they find love amidst the secrets and betrayals?
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Heartbreak and tragedy forced Gabrielle Petersen to seek a husband, even though she wouldn't pretend to be capable of loving him. Boone Dillingham may be a perfect match, since his heart belongs to a woman he'll never lay eyes on again.
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Emma Waterton moves to Kentucky with only one purpose--to marry a wealthy horse breeder. What she finds will redefine her definition of being rich.
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Lucie Croft signs up to be a mail order bride to provide for her twelve-year-old brother, but when they arrive in Chattanooga, she finds out her future groom is dead. Needing help to raise his daughter, Sebastian McCord agrees to marry Lucie, but will they ever be a real family?
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Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, first loses her parents and then her job when the factory burns down. She hopes her mail order bride marriage to handsome and wealthy Donald Jenks will last. But as her grandmother says, trouble always comes in threes.
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After a tragic fire leaves Josephine without a job and soon nowhere to live, she takes charge of her life and investigates the possibility of being a mail order bride. When she finds an advertisement from a man in New Orleans requesting a young bride who speaks French, she knows it's her destiny.
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Inspired by the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast--with a holiday twist. Widower Richard Blake was badly burned trying to save his wife in a terrible fire. For the sake of his two small children, he sends for a mail-order bride. He can't imagine anyone could ever be interested in him though. Will India Mitchell see beyond his scars? 
~Dec 7

Michelle has only been working at the factory for a few weeks when it burns down--not enough time to learn many skills. When she finds her money's run out, she turns to the Groom's Gazette to find a better option -- and a tall, dark gentleman's compelling request pulls her to Mississippi.
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Swedish immigrant Lilly Lind travels to Illinois believing she would be a mail-order bride, but finds herself forced to be a saloon singer instead of a wife. Could Kansas rancher Seth Reagan—in Chicago to attend a horse show—be her ticket to safety, by suggesting that she pose as his wife?
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Anna Davis places her fate into the hands of a random stranger she found in a mail-order bride catalog but little does she know, the man she thought placed the ad has no idea he promised to marry her.
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Gillian Darrow travels to Maine with hopes of a bright future with her lighthouse keeper, Rhys Chermont. The problem…Rhys never placed an advertisement for a wife, or wrote to Gillian. Two hearts longing for a light in life's storms. Together they'll find a safe harbor in love.
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As an employee at the post office, Tabitha isn't supposed to become involved in the doings of her customers. But when one young man's heart could be broken by a thoughtless letter, she sees a chance to make a difference . . . for herself as well as for him.
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Laurel Weidner desires a life of her own away from Philadelphia society and Griffin Benning needs a mother for his children. Can these two strangers find a common ground to reach their goals along with a happy-ever-after?
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When Johanna Huff arrived in Saginaw, Michigan, as a mail-order bride, she expected to meet Paul, the lumberjack who sent for her. But instead, she found herself ushered to church by a lumber baron and his mother!
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Constance has always done everything by the book. Follow the rules, be good, and hide. Can this letter to a man she doesn't know break her out of the shadows?
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If there's one thing life has taught Della Owens it's that well laid plans fall through. Putting her fate in the hands of a stranger, will she embrace the surprises waiting for her in Texas or will her future be in jeopardy once again?
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Hannah Brown, a mail order bride, is everything Samuel Morrison wants in a wife and more -- or so he thinks. Hannah brings with her a secret that, if revealed, could destroy the life she has come to cherish with Samuel and his daughter.
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Roberta, feeling responsible for the fire, travels to Wisconsin to marry. When she meets Jakob, she knows there's no hope of ever finding love with him. Or is there?
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Separated for the first time from her sister, Leora Mitchell has second thoughts about becoming a mail-order bride. When she meets her groom, the local pastor, she begins to wonder if she’ll survive at all. He’s sinfully handsome, not to mention, extremely good with a gun.  
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Sarah, at a loss for what to do after the fire, goes to Minnesota to marry Karl. He's not the romantic Irishman she always dreamed of, so she wonders if there can ever be love shared between them.
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The only mail order bride advertisement Darby is suited for is also the ad that insists that Scottish lasses need not apply. But the gentleman won't know she's Scottish if she never loses her long as they both shall live.
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Jilted society miss Victoria Lowell travels a thousand miles to wed her romantic suitor, unaware she's corresponded with his matchmaking sister. The unsentimental shopkeeper gives her until Christmas Eve to prove she can be a good mother for his daughter. True love will take a miracle.
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Mail order bride Trinity Kroger is stunned to find her future husband is nearly fifty-eight years old. After failing to stop the wedding, his son, Nathanial, discovers his new stepmother to be young and vivacious, a woman he’s instantly drawn to.
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Genny Copeland wants a family and chooses Stuart MacDonnell to give her one, but it looks like his two children are all she’ll have. Stuart doesn’t want a wife, just a mother for his children. Can they both find what they need in this mail-order marriage?
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Circumstances beyond their control throw Madeline and Caleb together. Will they find their happily-ever-after or will further circumstances keep them apart?
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To escape a family scandal, Boston socialite Rose Winchester becomes the mail order bride of Colorado rancher Charlie Halstead. Love blossoms, but their fragile relationship is tested when secrets from the past threaten to tear them apart.
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Violet Keating is thrilled to be a mail order bride—until she arrives in North Dakota to learn she has a runaway groom! Feeling protective, confirmed bachelor Daniel Lund vows to help this jilted beauty find another husband—until he realizes he might be interested!
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Will placing an advertisement for a Mail Order Bride turn out to be the best decision John Franklin has ever made?Or is tragedy afoot for both him and Cora?
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Practical Grace Dickinson thought she had her life all planned, including picking out the perfect husband. But she couldn’t have predicted the disaster that changed everything, leaving her no choice but to become a mail-order bride to a most imperfect man.
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Problems arise when mail-order bride Patience Eaton learns her soon-to-be stepson, Stone Kincaid, is five years older than she is and objects to the marriage. Can two people working at cross purposes arrive at a compromise?
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Mercy Eaton is bent on saving her family. Quill Roderick is determined to save his own heart. Is her love enough to save them all?
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Judith Hamilton arrives in Wyoming to find the man she is to marry has died. When offered a position as a caregiver to the town blacksmith's child, she quickly accepts, only to find the offer includes marrying him.
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Lessie and her twin Josie find ideal husbands in Utah Territory. The illusion shatters when Lessie’s husband sends the other couple to New Mexico Territory. How can she love a man whose cold heart cannot comprehend a familial bond between sisters?
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A marriage of convenience. Two people with hidden agendas. Will their suspicions and secrets keep them from realizing how perfect they are for each other?
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Josie and her twin Lessie make perfect matches with two businessmen cousins in Utah Territory. Minutes after the weddings, Josie’s husband Adam discloses his intention to take her to New Mexico Territory. Why does her heart yearn to love a man she cannot trust?
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Alone for the first time, tomboyish Libbie accepts a mail-order proposal and travels across country to find a place to call her own. Arizona rancher Dell needs a wife but didn’t count on the eccentric creature that brings chaos in her wake.
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Poppy Adams doesn’t want a husband any more than Matthew Turner wants a wife. But they need each other for a trip to Alaska, where one seeks freedom and the other vengeance.
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Kitty Jones agreed to become a mail-order bride in Hawaii to escape her killer, but when Warren Castle, sets eyes on her, he vows she’ll never marry anyone but him. When danger follows Kitty to her new home, Warren and Kitty must trust each other or risk losing everything.
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